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Self Reflection

Socrates famously said, “The unexamined life is not worth living.”

We have all learned how to receive feedback. Well... most of us. We all know that one person who still struggles with feedback. An important part of learning is a moment of reflection on feedback. It's on us to decide to use the feedback as an opportunity for growth or not. This is an important aspect of growth at all ages. In grade school we receive pass/fail grades on assignments. This feedback tells us if we need to study more or not. We receive coaching in sports and extracurricular activities that allow us to grow from a novice to an expert with a specific skillset. And as we age, it becomes essential for success. You know... society's definition of success... the diploma, promotion, clothes, house, etc.

Self reflection is different and not at all easy to practice. In today's fast paced world, with cell phones always buzzing, social media, and Netflix, it's easier to scroll for hours and binge watch the newest show than it is to carve out time for self reflection.

Unfortunately, most of us are living unexamined lives.

Simply put, self reflection is meditation or serious thought about one's character, actions, and motives.

I'll be honest... until more recent, self reflection for me included collecting feedback from outside sources, sitting with that feedback, and deciding how to alter or change going forward to "do better." It wasn't until my idea of what "success" was shattered when I really started to sit in self reflection with mySelf.

For me, sitting in self reflection is hard (getting easier with practice), uncomfortable, and takes time. It has required me to look within to determine what is good vs. bad for me. It requires me to figure out who I am without all the things society has told me to be.

While practicing self reflection, I've noticed a feeling of empowerment that comes with seeing my progress. Progress made by following what feels right and trusting that the universe has my back. A type of personal growth that is authentic to who I am and not what society thinks I should be. With this, there is more of an opportunity to celebrate and honor where I'm at in my journey from where I started. I get to determine my own definition of success.

Today, this post is to do just that. This is a post to honor where Reiki Health and Wellness is today.


I was reading over past journal entries about a month ago, which I don't do nearly as often as I should. In October of 2020, Reiki Health and Wellness was only a "someday" pipe dream Beth, Britney and I would fantasize about every so often. Slowly, this fantasy started to haunt me more and more and by the start of the new year, I was writing about our healing space.

My journal entries became more and more detailed. I wrote about how our healing space would look and feel, the type of clients we would have, and the community we would create. You can tell in my writings that it was still very much a pipe dream. However, as time passed and specific events played out, you can see in my writings how the universe conspired to help put our dream into action. By May 2021, we had a name, logo, and a space.

Here we are, approaching four months since our open house, and I am amazed at or growth. I am amazed by the three of us... our growth as practitioners, business women, and friends. I am amazed in the clients that have trusted us and our space for support in their healing. The strength of the men and women that have shown up ready to take the driver seat in their own healing. I am amazed by the community we are cultivating. Those who've shown vulnerability in order to establish true connection for growth.

With this amazement I am in awe and feeling an amount of gratitude that is difficult to express with words. It's all very exciting to see where we are knowing this is just the beginning and we are very much still in the infancy stage.

There are many who have believed in us and provided support along the way. There is no doubt that this support allowed us to truly trust the guidance from the universe and take the leaps that got us here.

We are still fantasizing of what Reiki Health and Wellness will become and have so many ideas, hopes, and aspirations. It's really a lot of fun!! But please know - you are each part of the inspiration and the creative process. We are so honored to have each of you on this journey with us. We are learning and healing just as much as you all are and are so grateful to have a community of teachers and guides along with us for the ride.

If you would have told Cyndal a year ago that this is where Reiki Health and Wellness would be within a year, she would have laughed in disbelief. But this is truly a testament to how Reiki works. Once you allow it into your life, the universe works with you in ways you never imagined. (Not for you - one must truly do the work)

Thank you - to all of you - for joining us on this journey. There will be ups and downs, some challenges and great success stories; all of which are a recipe for growth!!!

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