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Let's Get "RHAW"

Updated: Oct 2, 2021

What is it?

September 28th will be the first recurring free monthly event at Reiki Health and Wellness (RHAW). Our intent is to create connection in the community. Connection has been shown to increase feelings of happiness, belonging and purpose and to improve relationships and health. Let’s face it, we could all use this right about now! Let’s talk about life, relationships, parenthood, career, or anything that is on your mind in a safe, judgment free space. Vulnerability, or sharing raw emotion, is the key to connection. So please join us at our first Let’s Get “RHAW” event.

The Vision:

We envision a safe space… a community… where individuals seeking a deeper understanding and connection can come together for support. Whether you are new to the “healing path”, have been at it for a while, or have no idea what we are talking about, you are welcome! Let’s share what is working and what isn’t. Let’s celebrate what is going well, and try to figure out how to improve what isn’t. Let’s keep each other on the “high flying disk” as Abraham Hicks calls it. We have one job, to stay on this high flying disk and everything else will fall into place. Sounds easy right???? Riiiight…….wink wink. Well, this is why we are creating this event, to keep each other on the “right” path, knowing that may look different for every one of us. It takes a village they say, or these days…a community.

This community will share, learn, and connect. We may gather in person or online depending on what is happening in the world. The structure and discussion of each event will be organic, depending on the need of the group. The only must is to come with an open mind and to treat everyone with respect. Come to listen or come to share. Anyone and everyone is welcome.


Each of us has a specific life path filled with various challenges. As we face these challenges, we experience growth and change and may find that we no longer connect with those we have been closest to. This can lead to a sense of loneliness or feeling lost. In addition, the backdrop of today’s events is enough to have us all feeling burnt out, exhausted, and confused.

Beth, Britney, and I are very aware of how lucky we are to have had each other throughout the years on our own personal journeys. We have celebrated each other through wins, we have supported each other through tears and for that we are very grateful. It can be hard to understand the purpose of all the ups and downs when you’re in it, feeling alone, and lost. A supportive community does make a difference!

Let us offer you what we believe is the most important aspect of the healing journey… people to share your real, raw, emotions with. People who “get” you. Challenges w/ parenthood and relationships? Struggling w/ anxiety or depression? Unsure of life purpose? No longer fulfilled by your career? Learning something new and want some support? Winning and want to celebrate? The three of us have been there. Are there. And will continue to be. Join us as we create this community.

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