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Reiki Master III Practitioner


Beth Barone received her associate degree in Nursing at Columbus State Community College in
2003. She returned to school and graduated with her bachelor’s degree in nursing in 2006. In
her 18 years of being a registered nurse, she has worked in the ICU, was a clinical instructor at
Chamberlain College of Nursing, and taught lab skills to at American Institute of Alternative
medicine. She has experience in cardiac rehabilitation and currently works in the Heart Failure
clinic at Grant medical center where she has been for 6 years.

Beth's passion for Reiki comes from a search for a deeper meaning in life. Beth’s sister, Nikkea
Walkker, first introduced her to Reiki in 2006. Already being committed to a profession that
serves others, she had a desire to understand and learn more about this energy medicine and
the experiences others were having. Beth’s sister introduced her to Mira Shukla- Usui Reiki and
Karuna Reiki Master/teacher who taught Beth Reiki 1 in 2006 and Reiki 2 in 2013. She plans to
become a Reiki 3 practitioner with teachings from Mira this summer. Reiki has allowed Beth to
bring a new kind of healing to her patients; one that embraces body, mind and spirit. Beth has
learned the importance of caring for herself, as well. Taking the time to incorporate Reiki into
her everyday life reminds her to try to live in a state of gratitude and that taking time to care
for yourself is important and necessary.

Beth’s goal as a Reiki 2 practitioner is to be able to help others experience the healing benefits of
Reiki and to one day see energy medicine become mainstream in the healthcare setting.
Having a background in both nursing and Reiki has provided Beth with a unique perspective
into the importance of treating the mind, body, and spirit as a whole. Beth is motivated to
continue her journey with Reiki to help support her loving husband and two beautiful boys as
well as herself. Her eldest son has special needs and has been through the vast treatments
western medicine has to offer. Incorporating Reiki healing into his life has not only proven to be
effective in many every day challenges, but it has been a way for her to connect with him on a
deep emotional level.

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