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Reiki Energy Healing

Reiki is a 2000 year old Japanese healing modality used for stress reduction, relaxation, as well as to promote mind, body, and emotional healing. 

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Our sister service is open for booking!

energetic restoration

services intended to release what's holding you back, restore energetic flow and redesign a life of joy and purpose

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reiki with intuitive guidance

family constelations

frequency healing sessions

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Amino acid therapy for addiction and mental health 

Visit to learn more. Online booking available. In person breathwork sessions available at Full Throttle Fitness. All offers available via Zoom. We will open our new location in Gahanna on June 1st! Follow us on instagram (@Energetic_Restoration). We look forward to working with you! We are not currently booking appointments through Reiki Health and Wellness website. To contact us, email at

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Calm Sea


“I am so pleased with how the Reiki made me feel and how relaxed I continue to feel. Thank you for sharing your gift.  It was great to see you and to experience a full Reiki session.  The biomat was also a wonderful experience.”


"My session with Beth was the most spiritual experience I have ever had. My body and spirit has been through so much this last year. I knew of reiki and how it works, and I felt I needed to do something to heal my mind, body, and spirit. Every part of the session was comfortable, and the setting was very relaxing. Initially it was hard to relax my mind. As a mother and a nurse, there is always something running through my mind. It felt like I could hear her speaking to me in my mind, telling me to focus and be one with the earth and my emotions. As she moved through the session, I felt comfort, warmth, joy and sorrow. At one point it was like a bundle of blackness disappeared into a bright light. It was such a beautiful moment, even tears welled in my eyes. When she sent me the report from her session, it was amazing how her account matched my emotions so well. Beth is a healer. I have felt stronger and more confident ever since. I will be returning for more sessions. I feel this will truly help me on my spiritual and emotional journey. Thank you Beth!!"


"The environment at Reiki Health and Wellness is extremely calming. I felt comfortable and at ease from the moment walked in. The space felt safe and as someone who struggles with anxiety that was huge! At the onset of my session, we covered what I’d hoped to gain and what, if any current stressors I was dealing with. Despite talking about her practice a lot with Cyndal, I wasn’t sure what to expect. It took about 10 minutes on the table for me to be fully open and just release any expectations or pretenses I had. During my session I felt a very intense warm sensation. It almost felt as if more than one person was performing the session on me.
Afterwards, I was very tired, a bit emotional and really thirsty! I slept like a rock that night after my first session. I felt grounded and extremely present in the moment for days after. I definitely noticed a stronger sense of self and inner peace after my reiki session. I have noticed a decrease in my anxiety and have gotten more out of my meditations because I feel better able to ground myself because I am less bogged down and clearer after my reiki sessions. Although I initially came just to support a friend, Reiki has definitely become a tool that I will use along with meditation and exercise to keep my anxiety at bay and stay balanced!"

Kris M.



400 Lazelle Rd Ste 10, Columbus, OH 

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